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The Works

CADS latest production was very much a home-grown affair as it was written by a current member [Shân Middleton] in conjunction with a much missed ex-member {Sharon Colpman].

The play was set in 1967 and we joined the action on Charlie Whittle’s first day at Scrivener Engineering Works.

This company is owned jointly by the two very different brothers Scrivener, George and Bob, very well played by David Benwell and Mike Goddard respectively in their different roles.

We discover that George is conducting an extra-marital affair with his Swedish secretary Agnetha, which is not easy, considering that his wife, Rhianna is also employed at Scriveners as Quality Controller. Agnetha, played by Kim Mawby draws a very convincing portrait of the archetypal dumb-blonde and makes the most of her frequently comic lines delivered in her own version of fractured English.

Meanwhile, machine operators Tina, Ruby, Gladys and Albert [played by Karen Lindley, Morag MacDougall, Marlene Saunders and Peter Bray respectively] are provided with tea, biscuits and juicy gossip by Doris the tea lady [Jean Williams]. But all is not well, as despite the efforts of the workforce, the machines keep producing faulty components. Searching for a reason for this Rhianna returns to the factory one night and is amazed to discover the place occupied by two Gremlins. Gremlin101, played very effectively by both the author and her partner in crime, Gremlin 62 [Marilyn Hillier].

David Painter and Ann Buckley play the shop steward [Ron Brackett] and recently promoted assistant manager [Clara Hargreaves] who are constantly at loggerheads. Both giving much realism to their roles. It all comes to a head when, despite the best efforts of Health and Safety officer verbose Trevor Trubshaw [played by new member Nick Williams] Scrivener’s oldest employee Albert, injures his hand.

In the meantime George’s plan to elope with Agnetha is foiled, as are works Romeo’s designs on youngest machine operator Tina and new liaisons are formed. Nick Bull, as Charlie, captures the enthusiasm and naivety of the new apprentice to a T.

Lynn Brown gives a very sympathetic performance as George’s wife and Cliff Tucker deserves special mention as he fills two very different roles, Boggs the aircraft mechanic and works Romeo Tony, both very much in character.

All this action takes place on an imaginatively staged scene devised and executed by Chris Upchurch with his usual degree of professionalism despite suffering a recent injury, which meant he needed much appreciated help from Alwyn Tucker with scene shifting etc.

Alan Willens’ lighting and incidental music all added to the whole and created just the right atmosphere for all the different scenes. As in all the best tales, it all comes right in the end and the audience were treated to an entertaining and fun evening in true CADS fashion.


CADS would like to thank Karen Lindley [of Burdock Valley Players] and Morag MacDougall for helping out by taking on roles which had to be given up by two of our members, for medical reasons, and so saving the show.