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Welcome to the land of make believe where nothing is quite what it looks like. A land inhabited by story book characters who all have their tale to tell. A place that isn't what it seems to be. A missing dame who may or may not want to remain missing. Three possible suspects who may or may not have committed a murder that may or may not have been a murder.

The performance of SPLAT starts with a ‘prequel' often used for American Cop Shows - called Dumpty and written by Alan and Annie Willens. Followed by ‘The Big Snooze' written by Bruce Kane, a New Yorker who grew up in Southern California.

Bruce's plays have been produced in nearly six hundred venues in twenty countries. Before turning to playwriting he wrote for television and the movies. Bruce is no slouch in the sitcom department, having made a name for himself in the 1970s on such TV classics as The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He is best known for writing the "Thanksgiving" episode of "The Bob Newhart Show" which was named by TV Guide as one of the ten best television episodes of all time.

The proceeds of the raffle for this show went to our selected charity for this year - Cancer Research UK.