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The Insurance Man


Roz Moruzzi

Ros Moruzzi has long been a favourite of CADS, having performed 3 of her comedies in the past. Ros works with a group in Liverpool where she tries out her plays. However ‘Skin' (performed in June 2004) slipped the net and our production became a ‘World Premier'. Excess Baggage (performed in Nov 2007) was originally too short but Ros kindly extended the play just for us! Then in November 2011 we brought ‘ Love's Young Dream' to the village.

Ros never completed ‘The Insurance Man' due to family health problems until CADS took an interest. Now with her guidance we have come up with another ‘World Premier'.

The narrator tonight is the elderly Henry Williams who, as a lad in 1946, started to record, in his diary, the comings and goings of Arthur Giblin – a local door to door salesman of Mr Sparkle cleaning products. Henry's reflections come to an end at Arthur's funeral in January 1959 but there are plenty of ups and downs during the intervening years!