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Between Mouthfuls

When you are out enjoying a meal at your favourite restaurant do you sometimes look around and wonder what conversations are going on at the other tables. Well, what does the waiter hear? Whether or not he registers the content of what he hears, other that remarks addressed directly to him, he must never betray.. ..

This play is from a collection of one-acts entitled Confusions by the great British comic playwright Alan Ayckbourn. Alan Ayckbourn is the world's most performed living playwright. He has written 62 plays and has been internationally acclaimed as both playwright and director. His advocacy of the Round theatre space for almost all of his plays is practically unique. He is the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre, in Scarborough, England, where he premieres the majority of his plays.

Last Tango in Lower Clatford

LOWER CLATFORD Amateur Dramatic Society is in trouble. The membership has dwindled to four - the audiences aren't much bigger - and if they don't come up with some rent money soon, they're going to be thrown out. "There's only one thing that sells tickets these days" argues Gordon the Chairman. "Sex!" Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious build-up to an evening of extraordinary home-grown drama - an evening the locals would never forget!

David Tristram has become one of Britain's most popular comedy playwrights. Every year there are around one thousand performances of his comedies in amateur and professional theatres all over the world, and his plays have been translated into many languages. In 1986 he founded the Flying Ducks Theatre Company, which "flight-test" all of his comedies under his own direction in small, local theatres near his home town of Bridgnorth. Last Tango, written in 1992, is one of the most performed of all his 2003.