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Tangley and the Shoots + Excess Baggage

A DOUBLE bill of short and snappy plays filled Goodworth Clatford Village Club with laughter for two nights running. This successful formula has been used several times to good effect by Clatford Amateur Dramatic Society and again proved popular with the audiences.

The first, Tangley and the Shoots , finds Alan 'Tangley' Willens and John 'Cadley' Roberts-Davies in the village pub. With their annual trip to Bangkok off, due to lack of funds, Tadley hatches a plan to stage his own darts tournament and make some cash on the side. But it all goes comically wrong when buxom wenches from Tajikistan arrive instead of the delicate beauties from Thailand he expected.

Lynn Brown, Sally Struthers, Sharon Colpman and Ann Buckley throw themselves into their roles as Tatiana, Natalia, Anastasia and Lolita. They turn out to be experts in exotic pleasures, as well as ace darts players, and have plenty of fun with the customers. Lucky old Roger (Dennis Newnham) ends up going away with them all to Bermuda .

The play was written by Tony Newton and adapted for CADS by Alan Willens, who also directed. He was assisted by Alwyn Tucker.

After a welcome break to recharge glasses and indulge in a delicious ploughman's spread the curtains opened on Excess Baggage , written by Ros Moruzzi for radio. She specially adapted it for CADS and Cliff Tucker directed.

Poor Marge, played by Margaret Scard, is desperate to get away for a break in the sunshine. But beer-swilling husband Stan (real life husband Geoff Scard) and mother-in-law Nellie (Jean Williams) would much rather go to Blackpool .

She meets the love of her life, pompous pilot Piers (David Grey), at the airport where jack of all trades Edna (Marilyn Hillier) and newly promoted co-pilot Warren (Chris Upchurch) do their best to prop up an ailing cheap airline. Donna and Ronnie, played by Kim Mawby and Anne Blake, bounce off each other expertly in their comic double act.

When the aircraft crashes dewy-eyed Marge and Piers are reunited in heaven, followed by co-pilot Warren and Edna. Stan and Nellie go to hell!