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Sharon Colpman

‘Will You ' a play written by Sharon Colpman, assisted by her son Frederik . It is a story about love, loss, growing up and family. It is also a little more serious than CADS usual productions and the staging a little more experimental!

he story centres on a young man, James Spencer, whose life has no direction, until he replaces his deceased father as Mr Albright's chauffeur.

Mr Albright, together with his manservant/companion, Mr Webbly, try to improve James' attitude to life and make a man of him. However circumstances cut their plans short, leaving James to sort out the rivalry and corruption within Mr Albright's family and company.

The two central characters of the play – James and Mr Albright - come from families with complicated relationships which become evident as the story unfolds.

Once more, we have donated takings from the raffle to charity and we were pleased to have raised £325 for the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Service.