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Who Goes There

AN exciting intergalactic adventure was in store for audiences as they stepped through the doors of Goodworth Clatford village hall for the latest CADS production.

Who Goes There? A home-grown episode of a much loved family favourite was written by Clatford Amateur Dramatic Society's own Sharon Colpman. Her skilful Dr Who spoof finds Edith, Lynn Brown, desolate by the grave of her first-born daughter Georgina who was given away for adoption in 1946.

The flambouyant Doctor, played by Geoff Scard, and his sexy sidekick Billy Swiper, Anne Blake , use the Tardis to whisk her back in time to witness the special events she missed in the child's life. They cause a few amusing rips in time and encounter a dalek, cyberman, astronauts and aliens on their travels.

Musical interludes provided by the tuneful Cadettes - Alwyn Tucker, Marilyn Hillier and Margaret Scard - carry the play through the decades. And there's a lively rock and roll scene with Cliff Tucker, Janet Smith, Peter Smith and Marlene Saunders. Even Elvis, a leather-clad John Roberts-Davies, pops in to shake his hips.

Georgina is played by three different actresses - Flo Roberts-Davies, Hollie Knowles and Sharon Colpman at different stages of her life. Edith is played by Sophie Newnham when she gives up her child.

The adoptive parents, played by a grumpy David Grey and emancipated Ann Buckley, guide Georgina through her childhood. Her teenage years culminate in a happy wedding day to handsome young groom, Jack Struthers . The audience celebrate with a 60s style wedding buffet during the interval.

After the break the Doctor, Billy and Edith watch in silence as Georgina has a child of her own and her husband leaves her. Somehow she knows her birth mother is always with her.

Ben Bray and Peter Smith work well together as the dalek and cyberman constantly on the Doctor's trail and sparking international events by kidnapping key historical figures. Mayhem ensues in the intergalactic cybercafe when all their victims come together for a life or death show. It turns into a bit of a bun fight. Georgina falls for the King of Rock and Roll and he refuses to be taken back to Earth.

Billy Swiper and Edith save the Doctor from the Dalek's revenge and they journey back to where the story started hoping to put right all their time twists as they go and Edith looks forward to meeting her grandson.

Once again the stage set is a brilliant work of art by Chris Upchurch, Annie Willens and Sharon Colpman, and there's excellent technical support from Alan Willens , John Roberts-Davies, Murray Colpman and Jack Struthers .

All proceeds from the production were donated to the Hampshire Air Ambulance and Andover Young Carers.