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Sun, Sea and ...!

Paradise Park

The action is set in an Italian holiday flat where there is tension caused by personality clashes and agenda differences. Pearl and her overbearing daughter clash over Pearl's insistence on enjoying life to the full. Against the odds, Pearl triumphs. She knows she does not have much longer to live and it has been her dream to visit the home-country of her illicit wartime lover.

The Beach Hut

The second play is pure comedy where the Beach Huts on Little Dripping beach are opening for the season. But there seems to be one more than last year. The residents are puzzled. Some are downright suspicious. Some couldn’t give a fig as long as the champagne is cool. Can Philip save his marriage? Will Kylie make it as a model? Can Richard save Bonnie’s life? Will John Formby-Grayson get to make that documentary? And who owns the mysterious hut on the end?