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Over the Hill and Round the Bend

'Over the Hill and Round the Bend' can often be applied to many people as they reach the twilight years of their lives!

This trilogy startsed with a play we had in the store cupboard – 'Hazel’s Nuts'. The story was about a coach outing of residents from a retirement home which doesn’t go according to plan!

Hazel’s Nuts was quite short and to provide a whole evening's entertainment a couple of our script writers – Annie and Alan Willens – provided a ‘Prequel’ and a ‘Sequel’ which made an interesting development to the story line!

A big thank you went to all who came to the show in March 2019 who enjoyed the topical and local elements of another original piece. It was certainly enjoyable to rehearse and thanks particularly to the writers, Annie and Alan Willens, for that. The director, Alwyn Tucker did a great job interpreting all that creative thinking and the response from the audience was great.

The raffle generated £400 which was donated to the Andover Parkinson's Support Group.