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Minutes of a meeting of the committee held on the 28th March 2018


Present: Cliff Tucker, Ann Buckley, Sally Struthers, Lynn Brown, Mike Goddard, Chris Upchurch and Jean Williams.


Alan Willens.


The minutes of the meeting held on the 7th February 2018 were approved.

Recruitment Campaign:

Nothing further to report but we thought that the people who had stepped in to roles in The Works were interested in becoming registered members when our new year starts on 1st April. Lynn reminded us that Ann is going to talk to David Benwell to ask him to occasionally write a small report to put into the magazine to keep CADS at the forefront of people’s minds if they are interested in joining us.

Flint House Loft:

The loft clearance has taken place and the committee wished to record their thanks for the excellent response from some of our members which had allowed the actual clearance to be completed in approximately two days, although lots more work had been done since by Cliff and Alwyn who had gone through the costumes (and props) and Chris who had sorted out such things as the tables and chairs which we needed to keep. We could not have achieved so much in such a short time without Roy and Sally who took two trailer and car loads to the dump. Some things have been given to Hampshire Wardrobe, Heather Goddard and charity and a few things were in the process of being sold on Ebay. The costumes we are keeping are stored in Cliff and Alwyn’s loft, Chris has the curtain material which we use as backdrops in his loft and he has managed to fit the tables and chairs into the shed at the Village Club. Mike has managed to make use of the loft ladder which became redundant when the stairs were fitted at Flint House loft and Ann is going to try and sell the suitcases which we purchased for The Works.

Village Club Quiz 24th March 2018:

The CADS team at the quiz had been placed fourth, the W.I. team had won. It had been an enjoyable evening.

Annual General Meeting – Friday 4th May – Draft Agenda:

We discussed the draft agenda which Ann had prepared and Cliff explained the reason why he felt that we should not elect the officers and committee until a decision had been made on the format of CADS year and the way which CADS would continue. We decided on the amendments which were needed to the agenda and Ann will circulate to the committee members for their approval before circulating to the members.

Selection of Future Scripts:

Cliff is going to call a meeting for anyone who would like to be involved in selecting scripts for the next performance, currently scheduled to be in March 2019 but this may change following the AGM, and for future performances. He hopes that there will be an opportunity for this to be done so that we can do some play readings when we return to CADS meetings after the AGM. To be able to do some research and select some scripts for read throughs we do need to have some idea of who will be available for a future performance.

Treasurer's Report:

Sally presented us with the accounts for the year to 31st March 2018 which have yet to be finalised following the year end. The committee felt that these show a very healthy financial situation. Sally also gave us the anticipated figures which showed the cost of running CADS for the financial year (excluding show costs): Noda Membership £72, Insurance £240, Hire of Hall (other than for the show) £700, PPLicence £75, Refreshments £100, CinC Expenses £80 and donation to St. Peter’s from Fete income £50, a total of £1,317. The anticipated income figures are: Fete Income £100, Show Profit £1,000 and possible subscriptions @ £20 of £460 and @ £25 of £575, a total of £1,560 or £1,675. Sally also gave us the figures for the The Works which show a healthy profit of £1,225, subject to the estimated figure for the hire of the hall being correct and no other expenses being claimed.

Christmas in Clatford:

The programme, CADS songs and the readings have all been circulated to everyone ready for rehearsals to start on Friday. Shan has suggested that this Friday we will concentrate on CADS songs and work our way through some of the carols in the programme, next Friday we will run through the CADS songs again and any carols in the programme that we don’t get time for this week and then the third rehearsal we will run through the whole “performance” and then any spare time we can use for anything we think needs extra practice. Nick W apparently can have use of a printer and will print out a few spare copies. The posters are up thanks to David B and several of the committee have spoken to people who are looking forward to coming along. We agreed that Ann would send an e-mail to Katrina with an invitation to come along. Shân has mentioned to Mike that she would like an opportunity to go into the Village Club to practice on the electric piano. She is going to let Mike have some dates when she could go and then Ann will check with Kate whether or not there is someone using the hall. On Friday evening we will ask our members for donations of mince pies to be given to Sally on the day.

Village Club – Car Parking:

There had once again been some issues with the car parking on the Friday show night because of parents dropping off and collecting their children from the scout hut. Chris felt that this was something which we have to live with although there is apparently a rule that people using the Village Club shall have priority over those going to the scout hut. Chris felt that this would be difficult to enforce.

The Works – 8/9/10th March 2018:

Director’s Report – We discussed Shán’s director’s report. Alan had written comments on the report as he was unable to attend the meeting and these comments were also discussed. However, we all agreed that when considering the overall result of the show that it went extremely well and was very much appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of our audiences. We felt that Shán had directed it in her own style and the end result was that we had provided three excellent evening’s entertainment and the audiences had appreciated what we had done. We had all received nothing but positive comments from those that had commented. Chris had obviously watched all three performances and felt that the story was a very good one which had run very well. We felt that we had achieved everything we had set out to do. The committee felt that some of the points raised by Shán and by Alan were matters which would be discussed at the AGM and were for the membership as a whole to decide. Stage Manager’s Report – Chris felt that the set had come together very well and was actually quite easy for him. Annie had designed the machine. The office, rat run, painting and set up had worked nicely. It was mentioned that we did not use the technical weekend to sort out any technical issues and that even though it had worked out in the end it is perhaps something we should bear in mind for the future. We all recognised how hard Alwyn had worked backstage to get everything right. Mike advised that he has repaired two more of the lights so that they are all working properly now. Financial Report – See Treasurer’s Report above. Front of House – Ann felt that from ticket sales to set up everything had worked very well. We ended up selling 50 tickets for Thursday, 64 for Friday and 65 for Saturday which was extremely good. We agreed that the catering ladies had worked very hard and apparently the new cooker had been very good. We agreed also that David Benwell had worked very hard to ensure the bar had run very smoothly. And Kim had made table decorations which fitted perfectly with the engineering theme.

Any Other Business:

Cliff has e-mailed everyone with details of the after-show party on 6th April.

Date of Next Meeting:

The date of the next meeting has been agreed for Wednesday 9th May at 7.30 pm at Post House