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Lights, cameras, action! Viewers of daytime television will be familiar with a busy TV studio scene and that's just what the Clatford Amateur Dramatics Society created for their spoof 'Good Morning' programme.

Brilliantly scripted by CADS' own Sharon Colpman, the show featured John Roberts-Davies and Anne Blake as ailing morning TV show hosts Simon and Julie. They are given their marching orders by producer Laurence A Flop, Dennis Newnham, and director Colin Smallpiece, Cliff Tucker, can't wait to see them go. But floor manager Emily, played by Kim Mawby, thinks that's unfair and decides to save them by getting them a real scoop.

It was fitting that the audience were able to see and hear so much of the behind the scenes action as the production was a triumph for the so-often unsung heroes of amateur dramatics. Chris Upchurch's team produced another stunning set, Tobias Roberts-Davies held the reins of the technical crew and colourful make-up ladies Heidi Grey and Polly Filla, alias Marlene Saunders and Janet Smith, made sure the cast and audience were ready for the cameras.

Just like a real morning programme, the show featured the compulsory recipe slot with Gordon Ramsgate. Dr Diagnosis, played by Geoff Scard, took calls from worried viewers. And the 'WI Choir' entertained with their sparkling rendition of 'I feel pretty' with several members in drag.

A wonderful touch of humour was added by Stevie Price, played by Peter Smith, with his endearing Tommy Cooper impressions. He was ably assisted by Annie Willens and Pat Carter - the bumbling magician's assistant and errant rabbit.

John Gallacot, Ted Brown, tries to hide his guilty secret from Simon and Julie, played by John Roberts-Davies and Anne Blake , but their discovery saves their flagging careers.

Throughout the programme there were several amusing commercial breaks - short and snappy send ups of well-known products and services. These were developed by the cast and filmed around the village in the weeks prior to the show.

After a break for a 'Green Room' supper, the show resumed with a wine tasting session led by Shelley Goodham, played passionately by Margaret Scard, and an interview with nanny Mary Pippons, alias Jean Williams , whose love for children was found to be lacking by the youngest CADS players Freddie Colpman and Flo Roberts-Davies.

Simon and Julie's last interviewee was the infamous party leader John Gallacot, played by Ted Brown. He throws them a lifeline - a scandal that sets the doomed pair on a lucrative, new career path and a bidding war between channels for their talents.

The show closes with the pair celebrating a BAFTA award for their last 'Good Morning' programme.