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A Fist Full of Dusters

Dave has been made redundant by Fire'm Phil McCain and is feeling useless. His wife, Jane, nags him to do the dusting. His mate, Pete, has got a j0b delivering pizzas and they talk about their dreams to go to the States and travel Route 66. Suddenly they are off to their dream world - or is it more of a nightmare? Watch, enraptured as the glory of the ‘Wild West’ unfolds with booze, women, gambling, songs and shooting.

Once again Sharon Colpman has writen a whip-cracking script for CADS and with directing operations they have provided the village of Goodworth Clatford with another stirring performance.

All CADS members have contributed to the success of this show - whether it was on stage, backstage or front of house. Just look at the scenery and the costumes. Then notice the lighting ana sound!

CADS are also very grateful to the other people and organisations that helped to make two evenings in May 2003 a most enjoyable time.