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CADS Bang Wallop!

Welcome to the first production of the newly formed Clatford Amateur Dramatic Society — otherwise known as CADS.

CADS follow in the fine tradition of previous groups — The Goodworth Players — 1950’s and The Clatford Players — 1975 to 1985 We owe our existence to the initiative of the Parish Council when they decided to celebrate the Millennium with a pageant. The Pageant was written and devised by The Forest Forge Company from stories told by villagers.

It was the villagers who performed in the pageant and those who enjoyed it form the bulk of our current cast. In addition to the ‘pageanteers’ we have been lucky to have found a young and talented director, Phil Holder who has developed the cast to a level where we are sufficiently confident to give a public performance!!

Tonight’s plot is based loosely on the life of Flo and gives us the opportunity to have some fun and music.

We hope you enjoy our performance and encourage us to continue the group for future productions.